Throwback 1 – Crossing The Narrow Sea

This time I want to bring you back into 2015 when I made the first of these “sailing music videos” as I call them. That summer I made one of my most memorable sailing trips. The goal was to cross the Adriatic Sea by its length, sail through the 1000 islands of the Croatian archipelago and visit all the kitesurfing and windsurfing spots on the way. I, Matic, Simona, and Arne set sail sometime at the end of July ’15 in Izola, Slovenia in the far north of Adriatic.

The boat

The three-cabin sailboat Beneteau First 36.7 called “Eureka” has been in my family for the last 17 years. She is a storage of many, many pleasant memories for me. A fast family cruiser capable of transforming into a race boat. I’ve spent weeks, year after year, cruising with my family or friends. And I’ve raced her countless times in the local north-Adriatic regattas, winning cups of all colors in the cruiser & ORC classes.

The trip

Having superb weather and a superb crew, there wasn’t much else that could or did go wrong. We wanted to experience the nature as much as we can in this nautically very dense area. As fancy as it seems on video, it was very much a “budget” sailing/surfing trip. No stopping in marinas unless really needed. Freshwater is for drinking only. We had all the sports gear we need with us, no renting. We sacrificed one of the cabins to be used as a locker for all the sails, masts, boards and kites. The second cabin was girl’s and the last one was captain’s (mine 😀 ). The other two guys were enjoying the warm summer nights on deck, under the stars.

The windsurfing

This one might be the only slight failure of the trip. We only had one or two good kite- & windsurfing days. The wind just wasn’t there that year. We visited the three most popular wind-sports spots in Croatia, traditionally very windy – Bol on island Brač, the mouth of Neretva river, and Pelješac peninsula. Apart from Pelješac, it was quite disappointing wind-wise. In the video, we’ve assembled a windsurf in open waters once, which proved to be extremely difficult with the wind, the waves and the lack of space. We’ve somehow put it together and Arne (who, in the given conditions, was the only one light-enough to be able to ride on our largest set-up) said he had lots of fun not being bound by anything in any direction. He probably enjoyed the 11-meter “rescue” sailboat chasing him around, too 🙂 .

Top story

Lots of great stories from that trip, yeah. I don’t think I’ll have enough of your attention to tell you all of them, so I’ll just tell you one.

In part 3 of the video you see us entering the Šibenik channel. There is a pretty big cruise ship coming out from the channel as we wait outside, for it to pass. Not knowing they’d like to turn left immediately after exiting the channel, we kind of just floated around there. A few deep honks by them and we had our engine at full throttle. No biggie, our captain reacts quickly, people waving and filming, captain filming them back. We enter the channel, where we take beautiful shots of the green channel. At the end of it, the Šibenik city appears and a huge bay in front of it. We’re motoring around, looking for a place to spend the night at, and suddenly a firefighter airplane comes out of nowhere, descending at a sharp angle, looking for a place to land on water. For a moment they were aiming straight at us and I have to admit, it was a bit scary. Then the pilot pulled slightly to the right and landed between us and the city. It was a very cool scene to watch, as it touched the water, filled the water tank and took off before it reached the end of the bay. When everything was over, we all agreed that it’s very dangerous for firefighter pilots to do that in front of Šibenik, due to all of the boats and people in the water. Stories of dead divers found on burnt trees are well known here in Croatia.

That’s it for now, but I’ll gladly answer any of your questions in the comments below.
By the way, the entire video was shot with a GoPro 5 at 60 frames per second and I’ve slowed it down by 50%. That’s why it seems so dreamy, but not really slow-mo.

Good winds everyone and stay tuned!

– Gogi


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