Episode 2 – Fun with SeaScapes

Barba Week goes on! We’ve now settled on the island, the chill pills started affecting, the boats are rigged and it’s time to have some fun on the water. This episode focuses on the sailing part of the Barba Week. The video starts with me veeery slowly explaining we’re about to try setting a new speed record for this type of boat.

Speed record?

One day earlier, we saw online that our friends from “Lenčina” (another boat’s name) came out on top of the SailingRecord.com‘s leaderboard with 14+ knots of average boat speed over 500m…  The challenge was immediately and nonreversibly accepted!

The wind forecast wasn’t as strong as we had hoped, but we had a secret weapon – harness lines! Now, as I hear, SeaScape does not approve of harnesses and does not recommend using them on SeaScape 18 boats. Supposedly, the mast wasn’t constructed to stand the force of sails and the weight of an adult, blah blah, but hey… When have recommendations prevented a bunch of guys from doing something fun (read stupid)? 🙂

Well, the mast didn’t break. Maybe if we’d have come close to the record speed it would.

Match racing and the SeaScape 18

Failing at setting the record, we went on to do some proper racing. The two identical sailing boats can mean only one thing – match racing.

Match racing is my favorite sailing discipline. It’s the only type of regatta where two teams go 1-on-1 with each other. It doesn’t matter if they’re both 30 minutes late to the finish line, what matters is only that my boat is an inch in front of the other. The racing gets insanely close and that’s what I love about it. The guys you see in the video were my match racing team not that long ago, and for us, racing these boats in the crystal bays of the Adriatic is the ultimate kind of fun.

What’s next?

I’ll be releasing the next episode in a few weeks. It’s going to show you what a typical day of a “Barba” looks like. I’ll be showing you a bit more of the villa uphill and explaining the rituals that us, “Barba apprentices” go through.  I need a bit more time with editing though, plus I’ll be away, participating in the Sailing Champions League in Porto Cervo in a few days! Follow the action in Sardegna on my Instagram – @gogiandhissails.

Until Episode 3 gets out, I’ll be posting the video work I did in the past on a regular basis – one video per week. Stay tuned, lot’s of intriguing content coming up!

Good winds to all of you, my friends!

– Gogi

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