Episode 1 – Trippin’ down south

The first episode is out! I’m so glad it finally happened. It’s been months of planning, shooting, designing, editing and developing this blog and now there’s no going back. This is the first video in the series of three or four, which are going to revolve around the “Barba Week” – a traditional 1-week long getaway I and my friends make every year.

Ok, what’s going on here?

Let’s start with the name – Barba Week. ‘Barba’ is ‘beard’ in Italian. In the traditional language of the coastal Croatia (influenced by the Italians), it stands for an old, wise person, usually a fisherman, who has all the time in the world and has respect only for the sea. A retired boat captain for example. Or at least that’s my personal interpretation of the word. I and others like to imagine we’ll be those old dudes living off the sea one day. 🙂

The fact is that we’re very lucky to have great friends at Sound of Silence Villas, as well as at SeaScape, who let us stay or use their property for this week. To have such a nice place to stay at and such awesome boats to fool around with… well, it’s priceless. The huge villa you see in the vid is located on a small Adriatic island which has about 100 permanent inhabitants. Elevated at 30m above the sea, in a private bay, with a private pier, it’s a place from a sailor’s dream. The two SeaScape 18 boats add the missing link between the continent and the island. They’re perfect for what we’re using them here. Their size and shape are extremely practical, they can be used either for transporting our food supplies off the continent and on to the island, or just for having lot’s of fun racing around the azure bays. The small pier under the house is just big enough to provide a safe resting place for both of them.

This first video is all about transport. We had to make 450 km on road and then a few more miles on the water to get to the island. We’ve loaded up the two small cars at night and started the journey south. In Šibenik (already far south) we loaded up the boats as well, with food and drinks that will suffice for a week. A quick boat assembly in Vinišče, and we’re off, sailing towards the island. The huge amount of things we took with us is then driven up the hill by our friend ‘Jimmy’ – a 1997 Suzuki Samurai, permanently located on the island and over the years we’ve developed a special relationship with this car :).

Who are the dudes in the vid?

The guys are my sailing friends. We have known each other for many years and have done all sorts of crazy stuff together, on and off the water. Now that we’re old (yes, I found a gray hair on my head!), we like to keep this blessed week, the Barba Week, a bit more peaceful, with the focus set on sports (sailing & windsurfing) and gastronomy (grill, grill and again grill).  For one week we leave all our worries (including our ‘better halves’ 🙂 ) on land and charge our batteries with sports and food we love the most.

So, what do you think about the vid?! Leave your comments below.

I’ll be posting Episode 2 in a few days, so stay tuned!

– Gogi

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