Who am I? I’m Gogi.

Are you a sea- or a mountain-person? That’s one of those ‘cat or dog’ questions here in the small European country of Slovenia.

I reckon you understand when I say this blog is not going to be about mountains. It’s going to be about the wind and the sea. About traveling under sails. About the ultimate freedom that a sailboat on the water’s surface represents. About the adventures that cannot be experienced any other way. And ultimately about music videos. It might be the thing that I love to do the most in the whole world – shooting and creating short sailing videos.

How it all began?

Living for my entire life in the continental Ljubljana, the most beautiful city in the world according to our mayor (and many others to be fair), in the back of my mind I’ve always wished I lived somewhere by the coast. Luckily the concept of sailing was around in my family decades before I was born. My grandfather, professor of hydromechanics, was the first one to be intrigued by the force of wind and the dynamics of the sails. 30 years later, I am 3 years old and am sailing for the first time on board his 10-meter homemade sailboat called Grand Tič. “Tič” in Slovenian is a short form of “bird” and in this form can mean both poultry and you know… that other bird. Mostly that one, yes. My grandpa is a funny dude. 🙂

Just like that, it seems I was hooked. I can’t really remember those days, but I can’t remember ever feeling new to sailing either. I was blessed with the ability to spend many summers exploring the bays of Adriatic. My father dragged me into the sports side of sailing too. He was a big fan and I became one too. Starting a bit late, when I was 14, I began as one of the crew in my father’s team and later dedicated 4 years to the ‘match racing’ discipline. Those were some awesome times, it was during my university years when I and my team were traveling around Europe, attending regattas and having insane amounts of fun. At the peak, we became college vice-champions of Europe.

What do I do now?

Through years of dedication, I tried out almost everything connected to sailing. Being a skipper was my summer job. I founded my racing team. Later I and some friends established the ‘Sail Nation’ – a sailing club organizing party-focused sailing trips for young (you’ll be seeing a lot of the video content made back then, so stay tuned). I obtained lot’s of licenses too. Sailing instructor license, boat driver’s license, professional skipper license, VHF GMDSS radio station license, AOWD diving license, nitrox user license and others. I tried kitesurfing and windsurfing.

After all that said, would you believe if I told you I spend my workdays in the office, writing code all day? And that I like it very much as well? I have many passions and sometimes they intersect. Where do sailing and IT meet? Maybe in a digital video. Maybe in a travel-focused webpage. Where there is will there is time. So after I’ve tried out so many things, I finally decided to go for it and started this sailing-oriented travel video blog.

I’ll try to do my best to keep you entertained and you do your best in the comments below! 😀

– Gogi

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